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The"little suite" entrance.

As far as the hiring is concerned, two opportunities are given to you : a "little suite" or a "large suite", both of them situated in the same main building and having the possibility to communicate.

1/ The "little suite" :
Your private 90 m² ground floor flat can receive 4 persons and includes :

2/ The "large suite" :
Includes the "little suite" described above. It ofcan accomodate 10 people over 200 m², and in addition to the above, it consists of  :

The entirety is well furnished and decorated with a particular care.

© Pierre & Brigitte ROCHER - Coumentou - 24460 Château l'Évêque - France - pierre.brigitte@rocher.org
The living room.
The "little suite" master bedroom.
The "little suite" second bedroom.
The kitchen.

The "large suite" dining-room.

The "large suite" bathroom.

The "large suite" first bedroom.


The "large suite"second bedroom.